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It was - he would have been about 34 years old.

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Cortez quickly took control of the situation. Cortes claimed the land for Spain, and began his conquest. He met his future mistress, who knew Mayan and Nahuatl the language of the Aztecs. Taking his men to Veracruz, he officially ignored the authority of the Governor and claimed to be acting under the direct authority of Emperor Charles V.

In reality, he was taking charge of the situation absolutely, and ready to claim the gold and power he had been looking for.

You can read about Hernan Cortes and the fall of Aztec Mexico here. Life in New Spain Hernan Cortes was to become the governor of New Spain , which is what his new territory was arrogantly called. He was constantly seeking to consolidate his power, increase his wealth, and put down his enemies. He also built Mexico City over the old Aztec Tenochtitlan. He sponsored exploration, the building of more cities, and the Roman Catholic evangelization of the native population.

He also promoted the early sugar industry. But in he was suspended in his role as Governor. He retained much of his power, but was increasingly opposed by his enemies. Suspected of poisoning new leadership, he returned to Spain in He would never be governor again.

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He was decorated by the emperor, and returned to New Spain in After more fighting to prove his innocence and to reestablish his position of power, he decided to live in Cuernavaca, where he built his palace. He also continued exploring the Pacific coast and Baja California. His later life was not the flashy success that his ealier life had been. These explorations were not great successes. Many lawsuits had been brought against him, and he was still fighting for power. He was almost entirely neglected.

He finally won the right to join the emperor in his fight against Algiers. The war was not a good one for Spain, and Cortes himself was nearly drowned. He returned to Spain, still neglected and in debt, and finally decided to return to Mexico. He never made it. On December 2, he died of pleurisy.

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To close our Hernan Cortez biography, we should talk about his will. Knowing he was dying, he had time to make his last requests.

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His body was moved to Mexico a number of years later. Prescott, John Foster Kirk and J. If you quote this material please be courteous and provide a link. He then stole the Aztecs gold, jewels and other valuables. Cortes was happy with his conquering and returned back to Spain with the riches. After the battles, the Aztec empire finally fell around All of the natives to the land became slaves.

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They were forced to work in gold mines. He introduced horses to the Americas and Mexico by bringing them over to them. Also, Cortes brought many different things back to Spain. One new object he introduced was metal weapons. They became more commonly used in Spain following the battles. Hernando Cortes got exactly what he wanted. God fell into place when the Aztecs thought that he was their God. Glory was very important because when he returned home, everyone was gracious for what he had done.

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He most especially had achieved gold because he got all of the Aztecs riches. All in all, Hernando Cortes did most definitely achieve god, gold, and glory. A Victim of the Double Rape. All Things are Relative. Atlantis, A Lost Continent. Ballet Gran Folklorico De Mexico.

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Broken Spears. Chaco canyon. Contrasting the Cherokees and the Aztecs. Diego Rivera Economies of Ancient Civilizations. European Exploration and Expansion.

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