Chapters 3 and 4

His passion for running is clear, as is his desire for his family and especially his father to be proud of him. Jess has a crush on his unconventional music teacher Miss Edmunds, who is the only person who recognizes and appreciates his talent for art. And finally, at the close of the chapter Jess meets his new neighbor, Leslie Burke, for the first time. Chapter 3: In this chapter we first see Jess and Leslie in their school, a place Jess finds as irritating as his home environment.

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

Leslie is immediately alienated due to her casual mode of dressing for the first day of school. During recess Jess prepares for the big race he has been practicing for all summer, but everyone is shocked when Leslie decides to run with the boys and eventually beats all of them.

Chapter 4: The first week of school drags by for Jess, especially since Leslie continues to beat him and all the other boys at their recess races. He avoids Leslie, until a good mood brought on by a class with Miss Edmunds prompts him to reach out to her. Leslie is continually alienated at school and bothered by the school bully Janice Avery, but she and Jess become closer and find refuge in a forest they find by swinging over a creek.

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They name this forest place Terabithia, and it becomes a place where they can escape from their troubles at school and home. But Jess and Leslie know that fighting with Janice will only get Jess kicked out of school, so in Terabithia they form a different plan. They write a love letter to Janice, pretending it is from the boy all the seventh graders including Janice have a crush on, and arrange for Janice to meet this boy one day after school.

At last he sees a stand with free puppies, and brings one to Leslie. Leslie is thrilled with the puppy and names him Prince Terrien, and gives Jess an expensive set of paints and paper in return.

Bridge to Terabithia book and film review!

Jess escapes the tension of his family to return to Terabithia with Leslie. Chapter 7: Leslie begins spending more time with her parents, especially by helping her father renovate their house, and Jess grows jealous until Leslie invites him to come home with her. Jess is at first wary of Mr. Burke, but warms to them and enjoys being with this family in a relaxed way he has never experienced in his own home.

Later at school, Janice is found crying in the bathroom and Jess urges Leslie to talk to her. At the end of the chapter Jess finds out May Belle followed him and Leslie to Terabithia, and is concerned she might tell on them. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Bridge to Terabithia is a faithful adaptation of a beloved children's novel and a powerful portrayal of love, loss, and imagination through children's eyes.

Bridge to Terabithia is not only faithful to the novel but also stands to become a beloved family movie. Jennie Punter. This screen adaptation of Katherine Paterson's now-classic novel for young readers tells its story with agreeable simplicity in between computer-generated monsters. Joe Morgenstern. The special effects suggest a Narnia-like romp, but the movie has a darker, more sorrowful landscape to explore and it does so brilliantly, with true nuance and heartfelt sincerity. Bruce Diones. It's the sort of movie I admire more in retrospect than I did while watching it. I liked the seriousness with which it has been made, the willingness to grant deep feeling to its young characters, and the way it avoids of a lot of the cliches Paul Byrnes.

Bridge to terabithia

Here's an old-fashioned children's film that should suit the once huge family audience very well. Derek Malcolm. The characters, especially those of the two ten-year-old protagonists, ring true and when, just past the midway point, tragedy strikes it's quite devastating. David Stratton.

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  5. Bridge To Terabithia's scope is surprisingly broad for a family film: it deals with identity, family, the nature of courage, the difficulty of being an outsider and even God. But its main thrust is friendship. Nick Levine. Thanks to its subtle touches and strong character development, Bridge to Terabithia is not only entertaining for the family but for anyone who wants to leave reality behind for a little while. Kim Brown. Bridge to Terabithia is a brave film but a disturbing one, and even though it is inspired by real-life events, it feels like a cheat.

    Jay Stone. Margaret Pomeranz. An understated, touching and largely faithful version of Katherine Paterson's pre-teen novel. John Hazelton. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks.

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    Transcending Pain, a Friendship Fed on Imagination

    Email Address. Real Quick. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. Bridge to Terabithia Critics Consensus Bridge to Terabithia is a faithful adaptation of a beloved children's novel and a powerful portrayal of love, loss, and imagination through children's eyes. Want to see. Super Reviewer.

    Bridge to Terabithia (A Book Review for Writers)

    View All Photos Movie Info. Jess has trained all summer to become the fastest kid in his middle school class but his goal is unexpectedly thwarted by the new girl in school, Leslie Burke who competes in the "boys only" race and wins. Despite their awkward introduction, the two outsiders quickly become best friends. Leslie loves to tell stories of fantasy and magic. Jess loves to draw, but until he met Leslie, it was something he kept to himself. Leslie opens a new world of imagination for Jess. Together they create the secret kingdom of Terabithia, a magical place only accessible by swinging on an old rope over a stream in the woods near their homes.

    There, the friends rule the kingdom, fight the Dark Master and his creatures and plot against the school bullies. Thanks to his friendship with Leslie, Jess is changed for good.